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Fun For Everyone!

Join us for a night of fun especially designed for kiddos who may find brightly lit, indoor playgrounds over-stimulating. Enjoy free snacks and art activities. Take a break and connect with other caregivers in an environment where your child is free to be themselves! 


Open to all children and families who enjoy a less stimulating play environment.  Space is limited, please purchase tickets in advance.


Free snacks, art activity, sensory bin, calming music, dimmed lights, and extra WiggleWorks support staff. During this special event, older siblings over 48 inches tall are welcome to assist on the playground but are asked to remain off the playground equipment. 

This program was developed with collaboration from All Kids International, the newest member of the Eastside Physiological Associates.  They specialize in Pediatric Comprehensive Psychological and Behavior Screenings/Evaluations and Consultation Services.  Currently accepting new patients. Learn More! 


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