“We don’t stop PLAYING because we grow old, WE GROW OLD because we stop PLAYING” -George Bernard Shaw

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Nikhil B. — Wish I were a kid again, just to play here. Hats off to Elaina and crew for giving my kids a great time every time we come here.
Dan H. — Had a great time today and my daughter loves it! The staff is really friendly. I appreciate how clean it is as well.
Alayna G. — We celebrated our son’s birthday here today, and it was so much fun! The staff was tremendous and incredibly helpful! Such a fun place!


Crystal P. — We were here from out of state and I absolutely loved this place. As a mom, I want a place that is clean and friendly — this place covers both of these!  
Cecilia H. — My kids always have a good time here. The facility is clean and the employees are friendly.
Misty N. — So you are telling me I can just let my daughter loose and run out all of her energy with the rest of these kids?! Yes, please!
Victoria S. {Bellevue patron} — “Where was this place when I was a kid!”



Amanda S. — Love taking my girls here every week! Staff is absolutely wonderful, facility is immaculate & price is very affordable
Shelby B. — We just came from our first takeover- and our kids were absolutely thrilled! Until my oldest is 48 inches, this is the way to go- Kids were fed, crafted and played and on top of all that there was a movie to watch!!! Well worth the expense and the folks doing the job were super nice and knew how to manage those munchkins. 🙂


Marcella A, Puyallup WA — This is such an awesome place for our little ones!
Johnny B., Lakewood WA — I adore this place!
Michelle C., Roy WA — Great place!  We will definitely be repeat customers.. The staff are attentive and help the kids stay safe!

“This place is one of my favorites to bring my 18 month and 4 year old. We have been here twice and we will keep going. Both visits, we arrived around 2-3PM didn’t have to wait and it didn’t seem overly busy. There is someone constantly walking around cleaning all surfaces at all times. As an complete neurotic germ-a-phob mom, I feel really good about letting my kids play here. They even have posted illness guidelines about playing here for those parents who lack common sense and like to bring their sick kid to infect all the others. All the equipment works, nothing is damaged, everything is clean and tidy. When they are not walking around sanitizing surfaces, they are using a handheld vacuum and sucking up fuzzies and string from clothing. WiggleWorks has plenty to keep my kids busy and having fun, yet small enough that you can pretty much always see them. The front door area has a half door type gate to keep rogue kids from running off into the mall. Both visits we stayed for 2 hours and I had to drag my kids out kicking and screaming. There are socks and simple kid type snacks available for purchase. Both restrooms have changing tables and diaper genies to keep them smelling fresh. The nice thing about having it restricted to 48 inches and smaller is that it keeps the play area safe for the toddlers.

Oh, I even can wear white socks in this place and chase after and play with my kids and the bottoms of my socks do not end up totally disgusting.

$10 a child, play all day and in and out privileges. I think it’s a deal.
Sarah D. Issaquah, WA

“Took my two year old to WiggleWorks today and he had a great time! The price is decent for what you get- which is a clean and safe place for little guys to burn some energy! I think if I had a couple of kids it would be a little out of budget with that being said though it is absolutely comparable with other children’s activities in the area.

The place is super clean and there were at least 3 staff members walking around, wiping things down and just kind of keeping an eye on things. As far as the reviews saying there wasn’t enough supervision- that seems a little ridiculous. I know as a parent when I take my kid somewhere it is up to me and me only to keep my eye on him and I wouldn’t expect an employee with no relationship with my child to watch out for him. This isn’t a place you can just totally drop off your kid and check out. They offer a place to sit to the side yes, however it is up to you to still keep an eye on your kid and if you are looking for somewhere to not have to move a muscle this is not the place for you.

We will be back- there are lots of different things to keep a toddler busy and I like that they limit it to 48 inches and below- no one wants 12 year olds tearing up a place that is made for the 5 and under crowd like you get at other soft play places like the mall. We went on a Friday morning and I know they just opened so there was about a fifteen minute wait to get it which was totally acceptable and I expect it to kind to kind of even out as time goes on.

Highly recommended for a different kind of playground that will keep your toddler entertained!
Nellie P. Seattle, WA

“Whomever imagined this place is a true hero to parents everywhere. Or at least, parents who want to work or play on electronic devices for hours. With free wifi and bar seating that faces the play area, you can set your kids free to run and play while relaxing or getting some work done. Lovely escape for both.
Julie H. Seattle, WA

“Awesome! Love this concept – perfect for kids 5 & under and a life-saver on a rainy day! We took our 4 year-old here today for her birthday while her 7 year-old brother was at school (we had her party last weekend but today was her actual birthday). I was very impressed by the cleanliness of WiggleWorks, especially in comparison to a lot of other indoor playgrounds (ugh) and especially those bounce-house places (barf). They have plenty of seating for parents with a good view of the kiddos….or you can take off your shoes and get in on the action. I loved how colorful and unique the play structures were and I LOVED the balloon room! We will definitely be back. 🙂
Megan S. Seattle, WA

“This place is completely fantastic, but I took off a star because of how popular this place is. It can be a bit intimidating and I wish they would expand to accommodate more kids and have more seating for adults to supervise their children. If you’re worried about a wait, just call 30 minutes in advance and you’ll be almost guaranteed to skip the wait!

There is always one staff member to monitor the children observing the rules, usually another cleaning, so you’re assured it’s clean, and another working the front desk. Rules are pretty simple: socks only, no sick kids, play nice, supervise your own children.

They offer a wide array of activities for children. It almost reminds me of a carnival!

For 10 dollars for all day, it’s a great deal to keep the kids happy. When the kids are happy, so are you. This place will help get you there.
Victoria S. Bellevue, WA

“I’ve had two great experiences at this place, and I’m glad I found it while my little boy is still so young! He loves the infant area as he is just learning to cruise; it’s great for him to hold on to the walls, and he won’t hurt himself as he falls over frequently. I’ve never had a wait time, but I go weekdays in the afternoon. The staff has always been friendly and the other parents do a good job of watching their kids around the babies. I do hope they are able to offer some sort of membership or punch card for frequent visitors later on, it would mean I could afford to visit more often!
Nicole H. Bellevue, WA

“I took my 15 month old here today and we had a blast. The place is well laid out with plenty to do. It’s safe and clean with nice staff. We were there an hour and that was more than enough for my baby. I would totally come back!
Kara T. Lynnwood, WA

“Great great great place for my toddler. She loved it and if I lived here I would definitely frequent this place. Love how whimsical the play equipment is and the staff is very friendly too. Will come back whenever we are in town till the munchkin outgrows this place. (Which is 48″)
Danielle R. Carlsbad, CA


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