Our Story

“The true object of all human life is play.” – G.K. Chesterson

“As a Mother I wanted to create a new standard in the community for children’s play: a clean, safe space for caregivers to offer small children a unique, interactive opportunity in a schedule-free environment; a place to meet, a place to celebrate, a place of comfort for all children who need to get the wiggles out and caregivers who may need a break.”

Elaina Herber

We Are

…The only walk-in, soft-play, moving playscape and party experience for kids under 48”.

We Believe

…the most important trait of being human is the ability to play.

…unstructured, social, and active play gives children the greatest freedom to explore their imagination.

…the more children play, the happier and better prepared they will be for life’s challenges.

…the environment is an active participant in children’s play and should be safe and clean.

…the caregiver’s experience is important, it allows them to focus on what matters, getting their child’s wiggles out!

Our Mission

…Is to connect our community through play, socialization, and music to promote a supercharged approach to staying active.

We are excited to provide children (including our own!!), infant through preschool age groups, a unique play experience to get the wiggles out!

Play Big

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old,
we grow old because we stop playing.” – George Bernard Shaw

WiggleWorks kids

For Kids Under 48″

Our award-winning WiggleWorks kids playscape and party facility is specifically designed for infant through preschool age children. Built on the on the Yu Kids PlaySystem, which is a completely soft play environment that MOVES! Most of the equipment spins, bounces, or swings so that your child has the ultimate interactive play experience. Our playscape fosters learning and development of gross motor skills, coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, and agility.

Our playscape literally calls children to come wiggle, giggle, and play. You may be small, but we encourage you to PLAY BIG!

Infant Area

Infants have a specially designated area with age-appropriate toys and activities to foster learning and development.

WiggleWorks kids

Parents & Caregivers

At WiggleWorks kids, we encourage our adult guests to both interact with their child/children and provide encouragement to interact with others.

Each child’s safety is our top priority. Our playgrounds are designed for safety; each piece of equipment is specifically designed for this age group as a soft-play environment. In addition to state licensing and permitting, we inspect our playground equipment daily and have staff monitoring to ensure all guests are complying with playground and facility guidelines.

Each location provides comfortable seating options, free Wi-Fi, ample stroller parking, spacious restrooms equipped with changing facilities, and a multi-use room for creative activities and snacks!

WiggleWorks kids

The Perfect Party

WiggleWorks kids is the perfect place to host your child’s birthday party, family event, or special occasion. We offer a semi-private room that is equipped with kid’s seating, tables, and a full kitchen.

For detailed information about hosting a WiggleWorks kids party, please visit one of our locations:

Bellevue, WA
Puyallup, WA


WiggleWorks kids

Setting a New Standard

WiggleWorks kids is the new standard in indoor children’s playgrounds for children under 48’. Our award-winning approach brings the ultimate play and party experience to our guests.

If you are a business-minded leader with an entrepreneurial spirit and an interest in early childhood development and fun, contact us today about opening a WiggleWorks kids in your area.


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